freenom 域名求救-皇太极


2楼 Banfly

用了假地址和身份了吧模糊信息就行了 全假的注册局一眼就看出来

3楼 Geekman

没用的~ 他家的用的多,就收回了

4楼 奔跑吧蜗牛c


5楼 皇太极

好像是域名注册多了 前几天小鸡全到期了 域名浪费了 被封了

6楼 宝丽金

Why is my client’s domain status set to ‘Fraud’?
With your Reseller account, you may register an unlimited number of Free domains, but all these Free domains must comply with our Terms and Conditions, which can be found here:
Please take time to read these policies carefully. It is important that you respect them or we will be forced to suspend your account.

The main reasons why Free domains do not comply with our terms:
a) it did not contain any content. In order to prevent domain squatting, domains without content are removed and set to Fraud.
b) it contained content that was not allowed according to Freenom Free domain content policies.
c) your domain or your account was used in spamming activity.
d) your domain or your account was involved in copyright infringement.
e) the account with your domain(s) was matched with other accounts that contained fraudulent domains, for one of the reasons above.

7楼 皇太极